Trident Brands holds a license from Everlast Worldwide to market and sell products in the nutritional foods and supplements category under the Everlast brand. Trident's licensing agreement enables it to introduce Everlast Nutrition, a portfolio of nutritional products in categories such as supplements and functional foods using this famous brand mark. Everlast is one of the brands owned by International Brand Management & Licensing (IBML), a worldwide leader in brand licensing.


The US Dietary Supplement Segment continues to experience dynamic growth driven by favorable demographic trends, increased media coverage of dietary issues and greater emphasis on preventive health/wellness practices in the healthcare industry.



Trident Brands has acquired, through a licensing agreement with DSM, the exclusive global rights to Brain Armor® , a plant-based DHA supplement designed specifically for athletes to maximize performance.


Brain Armor® helps optimize cognitive and visual performance by supplying a meaningful amount of DHA, an important Omega-3 shown to support brain, eye and heart health.


Brain Armor® is powered by life’sDHA®, a patented plant source of DHA grown in a FDA inspected facility.



Trident has a product supply agreement with Continental Ingredients. This partnership provides access to infrastructure in manufacturing, logistics and sales.



Everlast Nutrition line of Everlast® brand supplements is being developed with the support of DSM’s Fortitech Premix team. DSM, a leader in global science-backed health and nutrition solutions, offers a broad portfolio of innovative high-quality nutrients and customized premixes, addressing today’s key consumer health concerns.




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